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I arrived to NYC in the end of August 2018. It was a new beginning for me, but also a result of hard work. For several years, I worked in the international public administration, where I have learned that sometimes even though there are resources and there is will, it is difficult to achieve a great result.

It was really troubling me and I wanted to investigate it. This is how I discovered the UX. I wanted to study it, I went through different UX courses in my home country and looked into distance learning. However, it was not enough. I wanted to study somewhere where I would have an option to learn from the best.

And this is how I ended up in NYC. I received Fulbright scholarship and I graduated from the Pratt Institute with MS in Information Experience Design. How cool is that? 

Graduation opened new door for me - currently I work as UX researcher at Google. I hope though my work I can make someone's life a bit better :)

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Professional Resume

My Experience

June 2022 - Present

UX Researcher at IBM

Leading qualitative UX research projects in the area of cybersecurity with a focus on the improving customer facing functionalities. While taking up UX research lead duties, I did roadmapping for both UX research and UX design projects and served as a UX research expert for the fellow team members.

June 2021 - May 2022

Document Management Specialist at Frontex

I supported the implementation of the document and record management system for the organization over 10K employees, which included service design tasks, drafting procedures and policies, supporting their implementation, system set-up, user training and promotional campaign.

September 2020 - May 2021

UX Researcher at Symetria

I led and managed user research projects for an international e-commerce client. I created a user research plans with a right methodology for responding to the research question from Product Owners and UX Designers. Additionally, I conducted remote moderated and unmoderated user research tests, in-depth interviews, card sorting and tree testing sessions. Afterwards, I turned insights into actionable recommendations.

September 2018 - May 2020

User Experience Consultant at Pratt Institute

UX consultancy created by the School of Information at Pratt Institute. I led and participated in UX research and design projects in the GLAM area. My responsibilities included preparing a plan of work, division of tasks and data analysis. I used following research methods: in-depth interviews, questionnaires, Google analytics, diary studies, eye tracking and observation.

For further details about my professional history and my confidential portfolio, contact me today.

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